Luke Weiss
Illustration & Design



A man and his limes

Luke Weiss is a multi-disciplinary designer and illustrator currently enduring the harsh vacation atmosphere of sunny South Florida. He is currently employed as a full time creative by the fine people at City Furniture. In his spare time, Luke can be found working as a freelance design mercenary or ominously staring into the depths of the void. 

Luke has spent his early career negotiating shady backroom deals with members of elite ad executive cartels. While the entirety of these arrangements are obviously clandestine in nature, what we can tell you is that as a result Luke’s work contains subtle esoteric nuances that are designed for one purpose only: to subconsciously drive consumers to forsake their inhibitions and BUY. You may not readily notice the effects yet, but while you were scrolling through his works you were unknowingly exposing yourself to the same occult mind control tactics that enterprise advertising has been using on the common folk for decades. 

"But how?" You say. “These colorful and inviting designs could not be the fruits of dark and sinister advertising tactics. If so, why would anyone knowingly engage in such manipulative tactics to coerce innocent consumers?” 

The answer is quite simple really. Limes. Yes, limes.

In recent years, the agricultural forces that provide us with these wholesome fruits have been at the mercy of a frightfully volatile market ecosystem. The result is an unstable market value and fluctuating wholesale prices. With limes being the backbone of the modern day diet, Luke had no choice but to succumb to the wishes of these nefarious ad executives in order to maintain an income that would allow him to buy his limes in these perilous times.

These are indeed perilous times we live in. But Luke is doing his best to design a better world around him and communicate the visions and ideas of others into cohesive systems and applications. He would love to work with you on your next creative endeavor. If you have made it this far through this arduous third-person autobiography then we are off to a pretty great start. Contact me, I mean him, here