Luke Weiss
Illustration & Design

Vectober 2016 // ETID

In recent years October has become the month for creative challenges. For those in the creative community, you might welcome the popular #inktober series that pop up all over those mighty social platforms. I decided to take it a step further last October and illustrate a series of Every Time I Die lyrics daily. Oh, and I chose to scrape the ink part and go right into Illustrator. Hence the #vectober. See what I did there.

About halfway through the series, I starred receiving a lot of positive feedback from the fans as well as the band itself. As fate would have it, the day the series was finished I got to go see the boys of ETID play and after put a few prints into the band’s hands. Point is, for all the shit it can spew, the internet can be a really cool place sometimes.

If you’re an ETIDiot as well, swing by the webstore where you can grab yourself some print from this series.